Problems With Competitor’s Mats in the Market!


Your average urinal mat costs $10-$20 each with a lifespan of one week.



Look at things this way…Would you work outside in the heat all day, shower clean, and then replace the same dirty clothes back on? This is essentially what you would be doing with the current urinal mats in the market. Typically, commercial business owners and managers make certain that all areas of the business is cleaned thoroughly at closing (especially sweeping and mopping the restrooms). But the problem with the current urinal mats is that they remain soiled with bodily fluids and are placed right back on a clean floor. We set out to solve this unsanitary problem with DAY URINAL MATS. Our mats will have the capability for a new pad to be replaced daily, and the mat itself can be sprayed and cleaned with a disinfectant of your choice. This way your entire restroom is in pristine condition!



The current urinal mats in the market are not environmentally friendly simply because they are all disposable. The entire mat has to be thrown away after one use which can become very costly. With Day Urinal Mats, you only need to purchase 1 mat (with a lifespan of 3-4 years) for almost the same cost. Tons of plastic mats are discarded every year. It is time to be diligent in our wastefulness, and our product is a step in the right direction for future generations!



All of the current mats in the market are made from plastic (or another light weight material). This, in turn, means the mats lack physical properties in order to stay securely in place which increases the risk for an imposed slipping hazard. Throughout the day, the mat continuously becomes misplaced all about the restroom. This is why we decided to use a heavy duty commercial grade rubber that has unique properties to stay securely in place. Day Urinal Mats can be placed on dry or wet floors and can withstand heavy foot traffic. The current mats in the market weighs around 0.9lbs, and Day Urinal Mats mats weigh 3.89lbs. With Day Urinal Mats, you will be guaranteed a high quality, durable, long-lasting product!