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In the year 2015, an extremely unique idea came to pass specifically due to an ongoing problem that was encountered in many public establishments. When entering some of the men’s restrooms, people of the public were immediately greeted with the presence of urine puddles on the floor, a displaced plastic urinal mat, and the overall stench of urine in the restroom. It was at this moment Day Urinal Mats became a new and innovative idea.

Most commercial establishments have a restroom that contains two types of receptacles: a commode, and a urinal. However, most people don’t realize that in the men’s restroom the commode is used 13% of the time, and the urinal is used 87% of the time. This means the chances of accidental spill on the floor is more than 8 times that of commode use. So at this moment, it was imperative that a heavy duty, super absorbent, odor-neutralizing mat had to be invented.

Day Urinal Mats provides a slip resistant mat that can be disinfected and has the ability to replace an entirely new pad daily without discarding the entire mat itself.

Welcome to the revolutionary world of Day Urinal Mats!

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