You’re probably scratching your head wondering why you would need a commercial grade urinal mat. This is why…

If you are a facility that has heavy foot traffic, you would benefit greatly from this product. Heavy foot traffic involves certain areas in a facility, such as restrooms, that are heavily utilized with guests. The chances of having accidents on the restroom floor increases significantly. Our mats catch, sanitizes, and deodorizes these restroom mishaps.

Ordinary urinal mats have several drawbacks. These include holding harmful bacteria within the mat for days at a time and poses an increased slipping hazard because they do not have antislip properties. Even if Day Urinal Mats (DUM) are applied over wet surfaces, it will provide a safe and comfortable environment for restroom goers. DUM helps to eliminate urinary acid splattering on the floor which can lead to erosion and corrosion to the floor’s surface.

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